What is ClarkeFest?
ClarkeFest is one of those things that falls into the "sum of its parts is greater than the whole" category. It's a party, a big party; picnic; a barbecue; a series of extremely loosely organized sporting events; and above all a chance to have fun in the sun! There's food, music, volleyball, croquet, juggling, and anything else that the crowd dreams up. (Yes, we've already done that Wizard of Oz / Dark Side of the Moon routine...)

Why no ClarkeFest last year?
Ian's dad, Lionel, was very ill, which necessitated several trips to Spain. Sadly, he passed away in January this year. On a more upbeat note, Daniel was born in March 2004, which also distracted the organizing committee.

What's with the web site?
Why not? It's a central place to communicate from and it gives Ian some HTML practice. If only we had a little more time to update it.

What should I bring?
We welcome contributions of food, beverage, and anything else you think might be needed. For suggestions of what to bring, shoot us a quick e-mail and we'll let you know what we need.

Where can I buy it?
The nearest market is at least 15 minutes away, so it's best to buy before you get here. There is a liquor store in town.

Is it formal attire?
If your idea of formal is shorts and t-shirts, then yes.

Will there be sleeping accommodations?
If you book early enough. Rooms go fast, but in this house there's more than enough floor space to go around. And if we think you might constitute a danger to yourself or others on your pilgrimage home, we will make room for you, don't worry! For additional details on our policies and procedures, please see our disclaimer.

Who's invited?
Generally, friends, family, and colleagues, including spouses, significant others, and offspring. If you are on the A list of invitees (let's face, there's only one list, who needs the headaches?), feel free to bring a friend or two, but we'll hold you responsible for their behavior.

Ok, I've been invited. Who will I see there?
See above!

How can I get to ClarkeFest?
Planes, trains and automobiles. Don't be ashamed, ask for directions. If you're coming by means other than car, give us a shout with the details, and we'll try to coordinate with someone driving that route. From the new venue, it'll be virtually impossible to pick you up once ClarkeFest is underway.

Will parking be available?
Yes. The house is on a cul-de-sac again and we're one of only five houses on the street, so no problem.

Is there entertainment for my little one(s)?
But of course; as strange at it may seem, we now have one of those as well!
We have juggling equipment (must be 18 years or older to handle torches); frisbee; croquet; model trains; and an enormous yard to run around in, complete with paddling pool to cool off.
There's also a surfeit of forest with a small stream at the back of the house (recommended only for those with a strong resistance to poison ivy, a penchant toward snapping turtles and a strong desire to get acquainted with carnivorous pitcher plants!)

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