Some of the most fun entertainment for yards around. Frolics and japes for all ages and persuasions.

Tournament Volleyball: A full-size court on one of the lawns. We've noted a general adherence to the rules, but there are times when anything goes.

Full-Contact Croquet: To be found in the front yard. An unsanctioned variant of the traditional English lawn game, it's been known to bring a new meaning to courting. If you're a stickler for the rules, check them out here.

Juggling Balls, Clubs, Flame etc: Feel free to join in, or just be a voyeur! We have plenty of equipment, or bring your own. Here's a site with some interesting stuff: www.juggling.org. If you're completely new at the juggling thing, this site has some fun animations to learn from:
For the real hard core fans, this video is pretty amazing. Free beer for anyone who can do this at ClarkeFest with even a modicum of success; hell we'll settle for swing dancing to the Cherry Poppin' Daddies!

Horseshoes: The old favorite. A full set of rules etc can be found here:

Swimming Under Parental Supervision: Mainly for the kids, but also the young at heart. A whopping 10 feet across, and all of 12 inches deep, our pool will cool you down.

Jugopoly: For those less keen on serious physical exertion, this exercise will tone up your biceps as you raise glass to mouth in a repetitive motion.

Ridin' the Railroad: Work on the 16' x 28' layout continues apace. Of course, the old 24' x 8' layout was dismantled when we moved five years ago.

And finally ...
Frisbee: No prizes for guessing what that's all about...!

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